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What to do about junk mail?

According to, 90% of mail is junk mail. What to do about it? Send it back using their pre-paid return envelope. The heavier the item you send, the more they end up paying in postage, and bonus, it goes… Read more
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5 weird medical tests you can try right now.

The Diamond Test, Romberg’s Test, Finger Measurement Test, The Nose Test and the Heel Test, The “Prayer Position” Test. You might also learn some yoga! Read full article – with slideshow: The Diamond Test or “Schamroth’s Sign” : Cardiovascular,… Read more
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Should you call a service like Geek Squad?

No! If you can call someone else, we recommend it, preferably a local technician. Some of the problems reported with services like Geek Squad are as follows: impersonal sales people, aggressive up-sell tactics, and snooping. Most of the time computers… Read more