Secret sign language to hail a cab like a pro.

April 29, 2013 : Posted in: , ,

Cab sign language image

Did you know big city cabbies have sign language? Don’t stand around like a tourist, flash these secret signs to to hail a cab like a pro.

  • Step off the curb and extend your arm. It’s the best way to claim your corner. If the medallion number on the roof of the cab is lit up, it’s available.
  • Need a ride to the airport? Flap your arms like a bird. Pedestrians may stare, but cab drivers will get the message.
  • If you want a quick lift, make a “C” with your thumb and index finger—it means you’re looking for a “shorty.” You may even get an off-duty driver to pull over.
  • Tell the driver your destination after you get in and just give an intersection (only tourists name an exact address).

(Illustration: Michael Hoeweler)