Launching a business website using WordPress.

April 24, 2013 : Posted in: , ,

Wordpress Business Website image

WordPress has quickly become the preferred content management system around the world for both start-ups as well as established businesses. Many notable news outlets including The New York Times and CNN use this CMS to host their blogs, and Fortune 500 companies such as UPS and GM utilize this software to share product and service information.

One of the greatest benefits of using WordPress for your business website is that it is free open source software, and it is extremely easy to build and launch a new website. Here are the key areas to get started.

  • Find a Hosting Provider for Your New Website.
  • Creating a Domain Name for Your WordPress Website.
  • What Type of Website Are You Creating?
  • Basic and general company information.
  • Blog-oriented themes.
  • Portfolio websites.
  • Maintaining Your New WordPress Website.

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