5 weird medical tests you can try right now.

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The Diamond Test, Romberg’s Test, Finger Measurement Test, The Nose Test and the Heel Test, The “Prayer Position” Test. You might also learn some yoga! Read full article – with slideshow: health.yahoo.net/articles/healthcare/photos/5-weird-medical-tests-you-can-try-right-now

  1. The Diamond Test or “Schamroth’s Sign” : Cardiovascular, lung, or other diseases
  2. Romberg’s Test : Degenerative diseases (or intoxication)
  3. Finger Measurement Test : Osteoarthritis, and other things…
  4. The Nose Test and the Heel Test : Neurodegenerative disease
  5. The “Prayer Position” Test and the Pinky Tests : Rheumatoid arthritis