April Fools’ Day! Google Maps goes 8-Bit.

April 1, 2012 : Posted in: ,

Google Maps 8-Bit April Fools - featured image

Map? Video game? Both, and it plays on your Nintendo!

True to form, Google has delivered again with the April Fools’ Day humor. This year the Maps team is in on the fun with a 8-Bit arcade treatment, complete with a playable Zelda-like ‘quest’ for your directions journey.

What makes their annual jokes so much fun is the level of working complexity and realistic premises. Remember Google Paper? And this year is no different. Google even churned out a product video that could almost fit right in with their other services.

8-Bit for NES product video

What else does Google have in store?

TBD, but you can check out their April Fools’ jokes from years past to get an idea.